zaterdag 16 mei 2009

Ribbon storage

I have two different storage systems for my ribbon collection. I'll start with the ribbons
bought per meter, etc. I keep them sorted by colour in boxes from a Dutch budget store (1€/each). It's a bit messy but it works fine for me .

I have my ribbon on rolls seperatly in this box from Really Usefull Boxes ( I must admit the bigger rolls don't fit in, but I don't have a lot of these so I keep them somewhere else.

2 opmerkingen:

Joy zei

WOW! way to organize your ribbon! I need to do that! oh btw, thanks for stopping by and playing my blog candy giveaway!

Anoniem zei

thanks for the tip! and many thanks for joining my candy.. :) I'll be posting what's inside the box soon so stay tuned.. :)