zaterdag 30 mei 2009

Candy links

My vacation is coming to it's end and I don't feel like any scrapping or cardmaking at the moment. I'm thinking about reorganising my room 'cause my working space has become to small with my Cricut taking to much space. I only have a small room, so it's not easy but really necessary. I think I would create much more with an adjusted desk. In the mean time, only candy links.

Beatriz: (31-05)

Oddbjorg: (01-06)

Debbie: (01-06)

Tammy: (03-06)

Lisa: (03-06)

Cristina: (05-06)

Marlene: (05-06)

Camilla: (05-06)

Justine: (05-06)

Bren: (06-06)

Tracey: (06-06)

The Kitchen Table Crafter: (06-06)

Bunny-Zoe: (06-06)

Ali: (07-06)

Carole: (08-06)

Cathy: (08-06)

Christine: (08-06)

Suzanne: (09-06)

Tip Top: (12-06)

Tanya: (13-06)

Evgenia: (15-06)

Hazel: (20-06)

Net: (21-06)

Roberta: (29-06)

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Justine zei

This is great, thank you and good luck

Camilla zei

Thank you for joining!!
Hugs, Camilla

Unknown zei

Thanks for entering my blog candy. So nice to meet you!


Tracey Feeger zei

Thanks for entering my blog candy and becoming a follower. Good luck.