zaterdag 26 september 2009

I'm back from vacation...

I came home last night from Croatia. I've had a wonderfull vacation. It's a gorgeous country, the people are very friendly, our hotel was perfect and the weather was great! The only negative thing was the strike on the Belgium airport when we had to come back and we had more than an hour delay, but that couldn't spoil our fantastic vacation!

It was a short night and I had a lots of mails to read, my suitcase to empty, go shopping, etc. So I haven't created anything yet, but I do have some candy links:

Michelleo: (26-09)

Sharon: (26-09)

Rach: (26-09)

Judy: (27-09)

Linda: (27-09)

Steph: (27-09)

Jacqui: (28-09)
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Ageeth: (30-09)

Karin: (30-09)

Rica: (30-09)

Tasha: (30-09)

Kristine: (10-10)

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