zaterdag 17 december 2011


Hi there,

As the end of the year is coming closer, I seem to have even less time for crafting. But that doesn't mean I don't think of it. I bought some great new stuff lately and I thought I'd share this with you.

First I spend my birthday money in a great stamping shop in Belgium( It was my first time there and I was amazed how many stamps you can get in such a small place. The shop owner was a very nice lady and gave us lots of tips. It was not easy to choose, but this is what I brought home.

Secondly I went to Pipoos ( as I read in their newsletter the loyalty card are worth extra now.

On top of this the Martha Stewart punches were in reduction, which made I only had to pay 6€ for all of this :)

And last but not least I went to Boekenfestijn ( last Thursday. I love reading thrillers and I came home with about 10 new books. But a lovely extra is that they also have hobby materials. A difficult choice and I already regret I didn't buy some other stamps, but my budget is limited. And you can't buy everthing, even if it's really cheap.

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LaJanette zei

Oh what fun it is to go shopping; and what a great way to celebrate your birthday.

Big hugs;

Annette zei

looks like lots of fun...Happy Belated birthday...

Thanks for stopping by and entering my blog candy..Good Luck