zaterdag 23 mei 2009

Last candy links...

... before I leave for Paris tomorrow. I've planned a lot of excursions to mainly less touristic places 'cause we've already seen the Eifel Tower etc. before. I hope everything goes well 'cause these last days both my mom and I were felt a bit sick. I'll be back next Saturday!

Solbjorg: (31-05)

Julia: (05-06)

Nutshells: (05-06)

Ann-Katrin: (07-06)

Lorraine: (08-06)

Orion (Celine) : (15-06)

Loretta: (15-06)

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Ann-Katrin zei

Hello, and thank you for joining my blogcandy. Have a nice trip to Paris (I just love Paris).

Orion zei

Hi ! Thanks for joining my candy blog ! I am now discovering your website which is great ! See you very soon on the web !