zondag 22 juni 2008

Worldwide Stamping Week

Yesterday was the last day of the Worldwide Stamping Week organised on 2peas. I had a lot of fun with the challenges and created a lot of cards. Because I wanted to have a line in the cards I made for WSW I used the same size for all of them (10,5x10,5cm). I don't like all of them, but I tried a lot of new techniques, used new stamps and enjoyed myself this week.

2 opmerkingen:

Creanijn zei

Amai, goed doorgewerkt zo aan de kaartjes!
Ik vind ze wel allemaal heel mooi geworden hoor. Maar ja, begrijp wat je bedoelt, soms maak je inderdaad eens iets wat niet echt 100% je ding is, maar het goede is dat je nieuwe technieken leert!

My lifes inky escape and more zei

Oh these are wonderful cards! I think my fav is the one with the Lighthouse. They are all so pretty though!!